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Sledge tester for Automotiv Fuel Tanks

Schlittentestanlage für kunststoffkraftstofftanks

For the Volkswagen AG, a sled or impact tester for cars plastic fuel tank ( PFT ) was developed in 1988.

At that time, the introduced drop test should be replaced by a repeatable and workable test equipment. The system was then executed input into the technical guideline PV 3539 of Volkswagen AG. Here with, a standard was set with respect to the system design.

In addition, for the first time minimum requirements were defined in terms of the specimen (tank) forces to be introduced. A detailed description of instrumentation and measurement setup is since then ensure that systems can be accurately compared with each other in their audit ability.

Leading automotive supplier, as Kautex Textron, TI Automotive, Plastic Omium, Delphi, Visteon, Total Fuel Systems, Solvay Plastics, Magna Steyr and testing institutes such as TÜV Süd, use these systems for their quality control and product development.

In addition to the Automotive Brands of Volkswagen AG , Volvo and BMW have also over taken this test, an SAE committee work is advancing the global standardization.

With great pleasure we note that our product defines the state of the art for 25 years. Continuous development of the product in close cooperation with the plant operators has made this possible. For this we thank our customers who are also responsible for about 70 % of the world's existing systems have the Ofen Hoffmann logo.