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Special purpose plants

Fully automatic plant for the precision thin-film powder coating of disc brake pads.
Fully automatic plant for the precision thin-film powder coating of disc brake pads.

These plants are designed according to specific company requirements. Even out-of-the ordinary technological requirements can be perfectly implemented.

The illustrated plant is a compact, fully automatic powder coating paint shop for disc brake pads. This particular coating system was developed in cooperation with our clients, allowing us to fully meet all requirements relating to coating continuity and corrosion resistance. This plant is an excellent example of innovative cooperation between manufacturer and user.

Range of application for precision powder coating plants:

  • car accessories
  • lighting fittings for home and industry
  • instruments/fittings
  • domestic goods
  • small part manufacture

Process engineering often demands special heat treatment processing or the workflow and arrangement space requires custom-built ovens.

Our long term experience and know-how allows us to easily meet these special industry requirements and leave room for individual client design requests.


Project Report Frauenhofer WKI:

Powder Coating of wooden Materials

[...] An important aspect in the powder lacquering of wooden materials is on one hand a homogenous temperature distribution on the substrate, and on the other hand sufficient UV radiation has to meet every point of the material in order to avoid a poor curing of the lacquers.

Therefore, in collaboration with Messrs. Hans Hoffmann Trocken- und Lackierofenfabrik the WKI has designed and put into operation a combined IR/UV drying oven. The IR channel supported by a convection heating has a length of 3 meters. The position of the radiators ensures a uniform heating of the complete work piece including the edges. Two medium-pressure mercury radiators with a power of 80 W/cm each are used for the UV cross-linking. [...] (Source: Fraunhofer WKI)

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