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From a Single Company to a Corportation

Automatic powder coating cabin, 1975
During the last months of his life, Hans Hoffmann was able to lay the foundation for a successful continuation of company operations. Hans Hoffmann had been the sole enterpriser of the company until this time. After his death, the company was transformed into a corporation, allowing room for two further partners next to Frieda Hoffmann and Erika Stell. The new managing directors and partners were Horst Stahn and Wolfgang Scherzer.
Powder coating facility, 1969

Managing Director Ing. Horst Stahn
After Wolfgang Scherzer had left the company a few years later, Horst Stahn took over the sole responsibility of the company as managing director. Stahn had gained enough expertise and know-how needed for this position, attained during his time as an engineer with the Hoffmann Company. This experience and know-how allowed him to easily make contact to new clients and to quickly understand their needs. From the beginning, Ing. grad. Wolfgang Müller, authorized representative and director of the development department, assisted Stahn in the development of technical facilities and machines. Müller had begun his career with the Hoffmann Company as an apprentice in 1956.
Authorized Representative
Ing. grad. Wolfgang Müller

The "Hoffmannsonne" (Hoffmann's Sun) simulated the sunlight radiation of different climatic zones across the world.