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The Wall

The erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961 immediately destroyed countless economical and political anticipations. The horrifying stone construction ran right in front of the Hans Hoffmann factory entrance at the Leuschnerdamm, blocking the entire company operations. From one day to the other, those employees living in the east part of Berlin, approximately one third of the entire work force, could no longer come to work. Even though it was possible to create a passage to the adjacent street through another part of the building, the manufacturing and production circumstances deteriorated, as there was a lack of qualified employees for quite some time.

Around this time, Hans Hoffmann was already into his sixties and looking forward to the birth of his second grandchild. At an age where others look to retirement, Hans Hoffmann decided that the time had come to erect his own factory and office facilities.

The construction of the Berlin Wall split Berlin into two parts, causing new problems for the economy.

The factory grounds at the Leuschnerdamm with a view of the Berlin Wall directly behind it.