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The Future

This documentation, specially prepared for the 75th anniversary of the Hans Hoffmann GmbH & Co, provides a very descriptive overview of the company history during the past 75 years. However, all of that is history.

As managing director of this modern company, I am faced with the daily question of what the future of the company will be.

The company objectives have changed very much in the past years, as customers no longer request single machine components, but are more interested in complete, integrated manufacturing lines, including all necessary machines, systems and components. This is a continuous challenge for us.

Today, we offer more than just the manufactured machines. We also offer handling machines, robots, pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as the necessary computer controlled technology. In the meantime, we even have a separate department specialized in the programming of computer control systems.

This is the way business will continue in the future. We are currently evolving to be a supplier of compete systems, offering complete networked manufacturing lines composing of complex machines. We are currently in the position to offer our customers fully automatic manufacturing systems, for example for the production of brake pads. The advantages for the customer are obvious: interface problems are made obsolete and the coordination and organization workload for the customer is reduced to a minimum.

It is essential to be able to recognize the future market needs today and to be able to produce innovate products to meet those needs. We are currently developing new powder coating plants specially designed for the furniture industry, are manufacturing machines for the production of solar modules and designing installations for air cleaners for catalytic and thermal exhaust.

Flexibility and creativity: Those have been the advantages of the Hans Hoffmann company for 75 years.

We are looking forward to the new tasks and opportunities coming our way. It is a very special feeling for me and actually fills me with pride to see how each and every employee identifies himself with our products and company. Without the positive attitude of our employees, their expertise, their dedication and especially the know-how of our long-term work force, we wouldn't be able to achieve what we are achieving today.

Our most important goals are satisfied customers and a motivated team. We are bound to be better than our competitors and are constantly working to keep it that way. Criticism is part of the business and is accepted and analyzed to make improvements.

Our 75 company years are our commitment to move on.

I am sure that we are on the right track to achieve our future goals.

Berlin, April 2000

Thomas Stell
Managing Director