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Progress with Modern Technologie

Thomas Stell is part of the new generation of engineers, for whom computer controlled manufacturing technology is self understood. Despite temporary problems related to the worldwide recession, large investments were made in new, modern manufacturing facilities. Today, an extremely effective production system is in operation, thanks to a complete CAM concept, from the 3D planning and construction to fully automatic sheet metal cutting and CNC-controlled sheet metal bevel processing.

The consequent product improvement and continuous new development have made the company popular far beyond the German borders. Hoffmann facilities and plants can be found in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Argentina, USA, Nicaragua, Kenya, Indonesia, Japan and in China.

The Hans Hoffmann Company has made very large investments for the development of powder coating facilities. These facilities allow for extremely precise paint and varnishing processes – believed to be impossible in the past. The newest innovation currently being tested is a new powder coating facility designed for the furniture industry. Innovative ideas are also being developed for heat treatment facilities designed for the food industry as well as special facilities and plants for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Besides the „everyday business" of manufacturing industrial ovens, the Hans Hoffmann company dedicates a great deal of energy in the construction and manufacturing of automatic handling machines, a growing market with a expanding demand of special requirements that continuously need to be met.

The Hans Hoffmann Company is also up-to-date in the area of electronic technology and has its own production line of electronic control cabinets. The most modern switchboards are manufactured here, featuring integrated control and monitoring systems. Complex machine networks are linked together, connecting all electronic machine components through data channels or via bus systems.

A modern powder coating facility

The latest company brochure presents
the entire line of Hoffmann products

It is very unusual and at the same time unique that all components of very complex machines and accessories, the construction of mechanical parts, the electronic systems, the SPS-Software and the pneumatics are all produced under on roof – in the Hans Hoffmann Company.

Last year, the architects Schröder + Stell redesigned the Hans Hoffmann office building. The architect Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Ludwig Stell is the managing director's brother – making obvious that the Hans Hoffmann Company is once again a family business – now in its third generation. Another indication is the fact that as of 1995, all members of the Stell family are partners of the Hans Hoffmann Company.

The newly designed company building in the Boschweg