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A Family Business Again

The form follows the function: Modern chamber ovens look very similar to earlier versions.
Since 1986, both Dr. Eberhard Gottwald and Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Stell consulted the company in all decisions relating to the new strategic direction, resulting in the current family-operated company situation found today.

Horst Stahn left the company in the position of managing director and partner in 1994 at age 64. He handed over the operations to the grandson of the company founder.  

Thomas Stell achieved a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Dortmund and worked for an engineering company in Hamm (Westphalia) for quite some time before joining his grandfather's company. The young engineer was to get accustomed quickly, thanks to the energetic support of all dedicated employees and above all through the expertise and know-how passed along to him by Wolfgang Müller.
Managing Director since 1994:
Dipl. Ing. Thomas Stell
The employees (above) and some of the long-term staff (below), April 2000