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The Blockade and the "Candy Bombers"

Berlin turned into the focus point of the East-West Conflict after the monetary reform began and the German Mark was introduced as the new currency in West Berlin on June 24th, 1948: The Soviet Union inflicted a blockade of Berlin. The land and sea passages between West Berlin and Western Germany were blocked and the economical situation became dramatically critical. Although the USA and Great Britain had begun airlift operations, supplying Berlin with food and medication from the air, the movement and transportation of industrial goods halted completely. The situation normalized after the ease of the blockade on May 12th, 1949.

Following the blockage, the Hoffmann Company began with new technological development in the areas of infrared irradiation and air circulation systems. In the 1950s, the focus of production turned towards the manufacturing of large installations and plants. Industrial paint shops for the flourishing automobile industry were manufactured. Major, important automobile manufacturers, such as Borgward and Lloyd as well as several companies belonging to the Siemens-Group were now Hoffmann customers. For Siemens-Halske, Hoffmann built a steam-heated radiating air-circulation oven with two separate conveyer systems, and Siemens-Schuckert purchased another large installation.

Hans Hoffmann's Company address for
approx. 20 years: Leuschnerdamm 13

Paint shop, Lloyd, 1958

Steam-heated radiating air-circulation oven
with two conveyer systems, 1956

Infrared -Dryer, 1949

Hoffmann brochures from the end of the 1920s until the end of the 1950s

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