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Another New Beginning

The new factory provided perfect conditions for the production of large installations and plants.
After having relocated to the new and modern building in Neukölln in 1966, perfect conditions were finally available for the production of large installations and plants. These were developed and manufactured for the newest technologies available, such as fully automatic powder coating facilities as well as plastic processing and coating plants. New, major customers, such as VW, Thyssen and Siemens were won. But the majority of the production was exported, as reported in the economic section of the "Abend" on January 5th, 1967.

The suppliers for the automobile industry became to be more and more important customers for Hans Hoffmann. He constructed and built facilities for the production and processing of brake pads as well as facilities designed for the precipitation hardening of friction coating substances and impregnation and drying of clutch plates.

During this time, the technical department was managed and directed by the Engineer Robert Heptner. He joined the company in 1938 and throughout the years had earned great recognition through his expertise, talent and know-how. A lifetime friendship between the Hoffmann and Heptner families evolved out of the long-term cooperation.

Two further engineers, Horst Stahn and Wolfgang Scherzer had also been working for the company for several years at this time.

Even after the new factory had been built and company operations had been secured, Hans Hoffmann still had no intention of leaving the company. Unfortunately, he never was able to enjoy his retirement, as he passed away after suffering a heart attack on September 4th, 1971.

Large drying oven at the VW factory, Hannover, in operation since 1968.

Dip paint shop facility for shock absorbers, 1965

The Ofen-Hoffmann employees, 1969

The Hoffmann management during a company celebration 1978:
Production Manager Horst Lehmann, Director of the Construction Department Robert Heptner und Managing Director Ing. Horst Stahn

Hans and Frieda Hoffmann, 1969