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Three Generations, One Company

Any anniversary, especially the 75th anniversary of a company foundation, is an excellent occasion for taking time out to think about the past and the future. This brochure documents the most important stages in the history of the Hans Hoffmann Company and also illustrates how political circumstances influenced the development of the company, from the foundation of the company in the Weimarer Republik until today.

As the daughter of the Founder Hans Hoffmann and partner of the corporation, I would also like to take this opportunity to first thank all employees, customers and clients, as well as friends of the Hoffmann and Stell families, all of who contributed to the success of the company through their continuous support and solidarity, especially during the most difficult times in the long company history.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to use this forum to express my admiration and gratitude to my parents, the founder Hans Hoffmann and my mother Frieda Hoffman, for their lifework, to which they devoted the majority of their lifetime.
My father laid the solid foundation of the company with his competence, flexibility and innovative talent. But the company would not be what it is today without my mother on his side, supporting him with wisdom and careful judgment as well as with professional know-how.

The far-sightness of the company course, politics and planning were the key to the continuity of the company after the sudden death of my father. After the reestablishment of the company, business continued under the management of two young employees, Mr. Horst Stahn and Mr. Wolfgang Scherzer. My special gratitude goes out to Mr. Stahn, who managed the company throughout the years with a very high level of personal commitment before leaving the company at age 65.


The fact that our son, Thomas Stell, has taken over full responsibility of the company a few years ago fills me with a great feeling of pride and confidence. Similarities to his grandfather are not just coincidence: Once again, the craving for research and development and the joy for development of new technologies are found in the company structure and are bound to open new perspectives for the Hans Hoffmann Company in the future.

Münster, April 2000

Erika Stell

Hans Hoffmann, Gründer und Inhaber von 1925 bis 1971
Hans Hoffmann, Founder and Owner from 1925 until 1971

Erika Stell, acting partner since 1980

Horst Stahn, partner and managing director from 1971 until 1994

Thomas Stell, partner and managing director since 1994